Monday, April 13, 2015

Boys Will Be Boys

Well what were they wearing? Is the answer to this question supposed to justify the crime? If someone is sexually assaulted, is the rapist simply given a slap on the wrist and sent home if the victim was just showing some skin? In multiple public schools across the country, students are given a dress code and females, in particular, are restrained from wearing inappropriate clothing, typically consisting of leggings, tank tops, and yoga pants. Girls are often punished for wearing these articles of clothing and are told that wearing them is a disruption to the learning environment. In what world is a girl's clothing getting in the way of other students' education? Do the other classmates lose their self control when they spot a female's shoulders? No. Do teens get so distracted by tight pants that they can't complete a simple math equation? No. At times, the teacher is the one who gets sexually frustrated when a student wears revealing clothing. Why should the student be punished? If you are sexualizing a child, then YOU are the problem. This concept also comes up in the topic of rape culture. Was that woman "asking for it" by wearing a short skirt? Was that young girl "asking for it" by showing a little skin? I once heard that it is like dangling raw meat in a shark's face and expecting the shark not to eat it. Last time I checked, men aren't sharks. Men are not irrational creatures that only use 5% of their brain. Rapists CHOOSE to rape and it is their decision. I hope to one day live in a world where people are not blamed for being sexually assaulted and are never accused of "asking for it". In this day in age, that sounds like Utopia.



  1. PREACH IT! Regarding school life, students are used to seeing each other and ya if a girl's wearing lets say leggings they'll look but thats it! They move on! Administration is the one who takes it to an unnecessary extreme and it's annoying.

  2. I agree. Women are not asking for it and I too want to see that day. I really like your blog and I encourage you to keep on writing because I feel like you will go far in life if you continue to write. I am really excited to know what else you have in store.

  3. AMEN. This is so important and everyone needs to read this. Not only is this so true, but I feel like schools dehumanize women and see us as sexual objects. -part annabella and mostly brianne