Monday, April 13, 2015

Black Lives Matter

Nearly 322 African Americans have been killed by police as of April 11th. Former U.S. Coast Guard Walter Scott has been added to the devastating list. On the morning of April 4th, a fatal altrecation began between Officer Michael Slager and Scott after a routine traffic stop. This led to Slager chasing Scott and using his Taser shortly afterward. The five year police officer got into a competitive shooting position and shot eight bullets into the unarmed 50-year-old with the confidence of an expert at a shooting range. As if the father of four was just a paper silhouette being used as target practice. After Scott was shoot down, Slager proceeded to handcuff him as if he had the slightest chance of survival. Young 23-year-old Feidin Santana captured the entire ordeal of his phone and later uploaded the video to the Internet. After the video surfaced, Slager was arrested and charged with first degree murder. Everyone seems to be surprised that this case is actually going to be investigated since that seems like a foreign concept in most cases of police violence. It shocks me that we are being blown away by how the issue is being handled since this is how it is always supposed to go. As the media tries to cover these stories, they constantly seem to demonize the victim and make them out to be a monster. While reporters fumble to find Walter Scott's mugshot, the only photo they will come across is the photograph of him during his tenure in the U.S. Coast Guard. The chilling video of the shooting made my blood run cold. View the video here (viewer discretion is advised):



  1. Well written Olympia. What's going on is gross and something has to be done. I'm repulsed by police officer's brutality and abuse of their "power". We need to STOP BLAMING THE VICTIM!

  2. I agree with Annabella and you! This is the 21st century!! Something honestly needs to be done right now because I'm so embarrassed by these officers who are supposed to be protecting us not doing the opposite. This was a really great entry, it was written very well! Good job, Rod.