Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Why Feminism Is So Important

"Are you a feminist?" "No, I'm an egalitarian." Believe it or not, this conversation actually occurred. You can imagine the look on my face when he told me that he was an advocate of equality for all, but not a supporter of equality for the sexes. It is honestly the most ignorant statement I've ever heard. Uninformed people seem to think that feminism is seeing women as superior beings to males. The reality of the matter portrays something completely different. Being a feminist means that you are an advocate of women's rights because, believe it or not gentlemen, you are the privileged ones in our society. One of the ugliest things I've begun to see are anti-feminist females. That is a concept I will never be able to wrap my head around. How could you be a woman in today's world and not want equal pay? Why would you not want to put an end to the objectification of all females? If people changed the fixed definition of feminism that they have implanted into their heads, there wouldn't be a need for me to write this. Put an end to ignorance and educate people on their rights (or lack thereof). And don't even get me started on abortion.



  1. RMFT. People have come to think of feminism as this horrible thing that nobody wants to be associated with. And yes that's because of stupid people in this stupid world. Skiiiiiiiirt

  2. I'm glad you address this,as I have heard certain feminist say horrible things about men.Sucks how when one person does or say something ignorant everyone in the group gets accused with that person.

  3. Well then I have to go find the guy who said that and introduce him to Mr Panton, Wonder how that will go….

  4. I don't know if I consider myself a feminist or not but I do know that I believe woman should have rights and be held to similar standards as men. I actually just wrote about dresses at prom and who says that they can have control over the dress code? Good work!